Christianity and oprah winfrey

A letter from jesus christ might be the affirmation oprah winfrey needs to run for the presidency, reports the ap an 83-year-old maine woman who changed her name to jesus christ says she began a . Introduction to christianity subscribe to the live your best life newsletter sign up for the oprahcom live your best life newsletter get oprah winfrey . Clearly, oprah winfrey has always been known as an anti-christian, new age sort of person however, following her thoughts about a possible 2020 presidential bid and golden globe comments that were met with ridicule, an old video has resurfaced in which oprah is clearly at odds with the bible and the lord jesus christ, whom. Oprah winfrey’s new movie is out and, going by the high expectations it garnered, disney’s “a wrinkle in time” isn’t doing so well at the box office sure, it earned over $33 million on its first weekend, but that’s far below predictions, given that it’s based on one of the most beloved books of all time.

I have been quite busy as of late, but there is one issue that i feel is dire enough that i have to come back and just call it as i see it oprah winfrey has flipped her lid. Oprah winfrey promotes the unbiblical heretical false teachings of the new age movement oprah denies jesus christ, and wrongly says that there are many paths to god other than christianity. Disturbing video footage has surfaced showing oprah winfrey openly mocking jesus christ and the bible the legendary race-baiter once claimed to be a christian woman, but it appears that she has turned her back on god.

The church of o with a congregation of 22 million viewers, oprah winfrey has become one of the most influential spiritual leaders in america latonya taylor | april 1, 2002. Claim: oprah winfrey is sponsoring a “new age christ” course that contradicts the teachings of christianity i turned on the tv one day last week just before the 5:00 news and saw oprah . According to a new video released by oprah winfrey, she also talked to jesus when she was four “for the earliest part of my life, i didn’t know my father,” winfrey said “not growing up with a father, i heard in church that god was my father and that god was the father of us all and that jesus was god’s son. An examination and response to the unbiblical teachings of oprah winfrey.

A public policy analyst cautions his fellow christians who might be thinking of supporting an oprah winfrey bid for the presidency in 2020 the left is giddy over the news that the popular media . Oprah finds reasons to believe and according to oprah winfrey, this sentiment is at the heart of belief, “as christians, ian and larissa believe that jesus teaches them how to live with . Oprah winfrey once again has declared herself to be a christian, and many of her fans believe her examining oprah’s own words, marsha west exposes how oprah’s profession contradicts the truths of scripture. The gospel according to oprah according to oprah winfrey's introduction page on the world-wide-web, the oprah winfrey show is the highest-rated talk show in television history, seen by 15-20 million viewers each day in the us in 205 television markets, and in 132 countries.

Christianity and oprah winfrey

If oprah winfrey was a christian she would just not be endorsing and promoting this new spirituality of eckhart tolle this next clip comes as winfrey then opens the discussion to her online web class. When oprah winfrey goes to church, opens the door and sees all the people – she sees some people with flaws not everyone of course, but winfrey is the first to admit that just because someone . Oprah winfrey, appearing in new york city during the monday broadcast of her lifeclass, professed to being a christian twice during her introduction, which one publication took as evidence of her confession in christ the black christian news network suggested that winfrey was a secret follower .

In this piece over at herescope, pastor larry debruyn and sarah leslie shred the new counternarrative to the abortion debate embraced by the oprah winfrey establishment as well as “christian” celebrities like the shack author william p young: abortion is a sacred and divine right yes, you heard me correctly. Christians didn't buy oprah winfrey's new miniseries called belief even as they suspected that her new television project was meant to promote false ideas about christianity jennifer leclaire, editor of charisma news, writes in the website that the miniseries supposedly about winfrey's christian . Oprah winfrey's christian beginnings: a look back on her 60th birthday oprah is marking her 60th birthday, and she certainly has plenty to celebrate the entertainer has built a veritable empire .

After oprah winfrey’s electrifying speech at the golden globes, fans started clamoring for her to run for president winfrey was diplomatic about turning down the clamoring, saying that she hasn . Oprah winfrey (born orpah gail a christian radio talk show host on kkla, was among the many christian leaders who criticized winfrey's views, saying if she's a . Oprah sparks discussion about christianity, holy trinity after admitting she once thought jesus was her brother oprah winfrey's own adds new drama series 'greenleaf' about megachurch the global icon was raised in the church as a young child and said the bible taught her how to surrender to jesus.

christianity and oprah winfrey Debuting to low ratings and mixed reactions, oprah drummed up interest in religion today with her documentary series ‘belief’ the new mini series by oprah winfrey, belief, had caused mixed . christianity and oprah winfrey Debuting to low ratings and mixed reactions, oprah drummed up interest in religion today with her documentary series ‘belief’ the new mini series by oprah winfrey, belief, had caused mixed .
Christianity and oprah winfrey
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